Kate Knill

Kate Knill is a Principal Research Associate at the Department of Engineering and the Automatic Language Teaching and Assessment Institute (ALTA), Cambridge University. Kate holds a PhD from Imperial College. She has worked for over 25 years on spoken language processing, developing automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis systems in industry and academia. As an individual researcher and a leader of multi-disciplinary teams as Languages Manager, Nuance Communications, and Assistant Managing Director, Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, Cambridge Research Lab, she has developed speech systems for over 50 languages and dialects. Her current research focus is on applications for non-native spoken English language assessment and learning and detection of speech and language disorders. Kate was a member of the ISCA Board (2013-2021) and Secretary of ISCA (2017-2021). She is the Chair of the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award committee and was a member of the IEEE Speech and Language Technical Committee from 2009-2012. She served as Area Chair for Interspeech eight times; Technical Programme Co-Lead Chair for IEEE ASRU Workshop 2021; Publications Co-Chair for SLT 2012; and is an Associate Editor for EURASIP Journal of Audio, Speech and Music Processing.