Author Resources

Paper Preparation Instructions

Contributed papers must conform to the specifications given in the INTERSPEECH 2023 Paper Kit, which can be downloaded from this page or obtained from the Template Gallery on In order to prepare for submission, authors should read the instructions in the Paper Kit before starting to write.

Do not start from a past paper or an old template from a previous INTERSPEECH: some things have changed. Start from a fresh copy of the INTERSPEECH 2023 Paper Kit.

Summary of requirements

Language: English.

Paper Length: a maximum of 5 pages with the 5th page reserved exclusively for references.

Abstract: a maximum of 1000 characters.

Double-blind review: for the first time this year, INTERSPEECH will use double-blind review. Please carefully follow the instructions in the Paper Kit, which includes complying with the INTERSPEECH 2023 Pre-prints Policy.

Show & Tell Submissions: same format as standard papers, except with a maximum of 2 pages. A video illustration of the demonstration must also be provided. All video files must be playable with the current version of the VLC video player.

File Type: manuscripts must be in PDF only.

Layout and other requirements: please refer to the complete instructions and example PDFs in the Paper Kit, and use the provided template for LaTeX (preferred) or Microsoft Word.