Show and Tell Paper Submission

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 23:59, Anywhere on Earth. No updates will be accepted after this date. Submissions must consist of a paper, no more than two pages in length (including references), in INTERSPEECH 2023 paper kit camera-ready format. These submissions will NOT be double-blind and authors details should be included. Additionally, submissions must include a video, no more than five minutes in duration, which describes visually to the reviewers what participants can expect to see at the conference.

Make sure that your paper complies with all instructions and specifications in the Paper Kit  and with the ISCA Code of Ethics for Authors and the Submission Policy.

For paper submission, you will leave the INTERSPEECH 2023 website and be redirected to the CMT system. If you already have a CMT account, you can login with your existing credentials. If you do not have a CMT account, you will need to create one.

Domain conflicts

These are used to help detect conflicts of interest when assigning reviewers. Please enter your domain conflicts in two places:

  1. in your CMT user account: click your user name, select Domain Conflicts, then enter your domain(s);
  2. for each paper you submit: enter the domain conflicts for all authors of this paper, including the current domain of each author (CMT does not automatically do this based on authors’ CMT accounts).

Submission form

The submission form will ask you to

Reviewers will not have access to the responses for any of the optional questions.

Race, ethnicity, and gender are being collected only for statistical monitoring purposes, to help the organisers make INTERSPEECH more diverse and inclusive over time. They will not be used as criteria for paper acceptance. Individually-identifiable responses will only be accessible to the Technical Programme Chairs of INTERSPEECH 2023. Anonymised responses will be shared with ISCA. A statistical summary of the responses will be published.

Questions about Show and Tell submissions may be submitted to  the Show & Tell Chairs via

Please become a reviewer for ISCA conferences

INTERSPEECH uses peer review to evaluate submitted manuscripts. If you are not already a reviewer for ISCA conferences, we encourage you to sign up at using the same email address as CMT.  To be eligible as a reviewer for ISCA you should have previously published at INTERSPEECH, ICASSP, ICPhS or related conferences and satisfy two or more of the following conditions:

  • Hold a Ph.D.
  • Published at least one journal article as first author in a speech-related journal (e.g., IEEE/ACM T-ASLP; Speech Communication; Computer, Speech & Language; JASA; Phonetica; Journal of Phonetics; or other comparable journals)
  • Published at least 3 INTERSPEECH/ICASSP/ASRU/SLT or major NLP conference (ACL/EMNLP/NAACL) papers as first author
  • Received at least 100 citations on first authored papers
  • Have an h-index of at least 7 and i10-index of at least 10
  • Be recommended by an ISCA Fellow, ACL Fellow, IEEE Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, or current/past INTERSPEECH Area Chair

To help conference organisers match the papers allocated to you, please also register with the Toronto Paper Matching System at using the same email address as CMT. This should result in you being assigned papers that better match your interests and expertise.