Special Sessions/Challenges

Papers for the following Special Sessions and Challenges should have the same format, and be submitted by the same deadline, as regular papers.

Special Sessions

Biosignal-enabled Spoken Communication

Connecting Speech-science and Speech-technology for Children’s Speech

DiGo – Dialog for Good: Speech and Language Technology for Social Good

Invariant and Robust Pre-trained Acoustic Models

Multi-talker Methods in Speech Processing

Neural Processing of Speech and Language: Encoding and Decoding the Diverse Auditory Brain

New Paradigms for Simultaneous Speech Translation Leveraging Paralinguistic and Linguistic Knowledge

Speech and Language in Health: From Remote Monitoring to Medical Conversations

Trustworthy Speech Processing


DISPLACE Challenge: DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments

MERLIon CCS Challenge: Multilingual Everyday Recordings – Language Identification On Code-Switched Child-Directed Speech

SLUE 2023 Challenge: Low-resource Spoken Language Understanding Evaluation